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"Rene Dumont"
Alto Saxophone

Made in Western Germany
by Dörfler & Jörka

Serial number 14462


This has some unique aspects:

- Rolled Tone Holes.

- The cinch screw that secures the neck into the body is unique.
Instead of a slot cut from the top of the the receiver (neck socket) and a screw that draws the slot closed, this sax has a screw midway down the receiver. The screw pushes into a place in the receiver between where two little slots have been cut. Hmmm, that isn't clear, is it? Anyway, it effectively immobilizes the neck tenon.

-The keyguards have large, decorative 'moon pearls'. I am guessing they are some type of plastic, but very attractive.
The left hand thumbrest is a pretty close match to the keyguard pearls. A little darker grey, with a sort of striped tiger-eye iridescence.

- And the signature clothing guard behind the lower stack key feet.

I put some new pads in the lower stack. The horn plays up and down, good intonation (in tune).
Original lacquer. Most of the dents are on the bow and there is some flattening at the bottom of the bow.
Nice easy movement of the left-hand pinkie cluster which is especially helpful for those of you who have broken their left-hand pinkie at some point. [Message from our sponser: "Always wear a bike helmet."]

A good, easy-to-play horn with great intonation and tone.

Compare this one to the one that PMWoodwinds has for sale.

"Rene Dumont" Alto


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