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Runyon Quantum Metal
"8" Tenor Sax Moutpiece

"8" Tip opening (.094...about the same as a Link 6*)


Runyon Mouthpieces are made here in the good ol' US of A, down in Louisiana.
The founder of the company is Santy Runyon.
They make a lot of mouthpieces...some under their own name, and a lot for other vendors who sell them under a variety of other names.

The Quantum is one of their perennial favorites, expecially for the Tenor and Bari Sax.
I assume the Quantum is made of Stainless Steel. If I stick one of those strong 'rare earth' magnets on the mouthpiece, it is lightly attracted. There are a variety of stainless steel alloys and they vary in their magnetic attraction.
Stainless steel mouthpieces are extremely durable and retain their beauty perhaps better than any other material.
If you expand the thumbnail photos (by clicking on them)you will be able to see the 'mill' marks on the face of the mouthpiece. This is where the facing of the mouthpiece was machined to an exacting precision.
It also assures you that someone hasn't been experimenting with the facing like so many of the mouthpieces you see on eBay that get bought and sold over and over, criss-crossing the country as one saxplayer after another tries it out and is disappointed and decides to dump it on the next poor schmuck.
Inside the mouthpiece you will see two main features...a cresecent-shaped rollover baffle right behind the tip, and then, further in, you'll see a larger 'step-baffle' with a bullet-shaped recess hollowed out of the step.
It is the combination of the precise geometry of these features that gives this mouthpiece its unique sound and playing characteristics. Essentially it has a lot of projection and power, without becoming harsh or tinny, and without throwing a horn's intonation (the ability to play in tune) off.
It has the potential to let you range from R&B growls and wails, to expressive ballads. You should try one.

On the flip side, you will see a black rubber 'bite patch". These Quantums do not have a built in bite patch to interfere with the vibration that you hope to attain with a mouthpiece. Cutting a slot in a mouthpiece to mount a bite patch can interfere with its ability to vibrate. Also, with a embedded bite patch, once it becomes worn and ugly, you will have to send it off and pay money for a new bite patch to be installed.
If you remind me, I will send the buyer of this mouthpiece couple of genuine Runyon bite patches, in addition to the one already on this mouthpiece.

You can compare my price against Woodwind & BrassWind.
But guess what? I have just this one.

Quantum Tenor 8


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