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Powertone Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

Rare Arnold Brilhart Design

No longer available.

Powertone mouthpieces were made for Boosey and Hawkes, London, and are relatively unknown in the U.S.
Few were made, and fewer survive.
They were made in the same British factory that produced Brilhart Streamlines, Personalines and others, but were made using the same clear acrylic resin as the rare Tonalites .
For whatever reason, this particular mouthpiece was not labeled “Powertone”, but there is no question about its origin when it is compared with the Powertone Alto I have in stock.

All dimensions, interior and exterior, are classic Brilhart.
The large bulb-shaped shank was used to resist cracking, just as the British-made Brilharts were banded at the factory for the same reason.

The mouthpiece was professionally refaced to an .093” tip opening.
The condition is nearly flawless. It was play-tested following refacing, and has not been played since.
The tone is resonant and powerful.
For a lover of Brilhart mouthpieces, this is a rare find. Quite possibly you will never see one like it again, yet it is priced well below comparable Tonalites in the same excellent condition.

Professor Anton Weinberg, U.K., Associate of the Royal Academy of Music and the Royal College of Music, aided in the identification and description of this mouthpiece.

Powertone Tenor Sax Mpc.


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