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Pan-American "60M"
Tenor Saxophone

Serial Number 62503

Sold to a guy in Bangkok!

This Pan American Saxophone Model List shows the 60M being "used" in 1955, but there's no clarity on when they were "made".

Here is a Pan American serial number list, but it apparently doesn't pertain to saxes, so I don't know when this tenor was made...do you?

So you want a 10M but can't manifest the moola?
Well, my understanding is that these Pan Americans have the same body tube as the 10M.
It follows that, regardless of the keywork, the tone/timbre of the horns should be the same.

This horn has all new pads with flat metal resos.
Also, note that I've fitted this Pan Am with a larger Low Bb and G# fingertouches for your playing enjoyment.
Compare this to a standard Pan Am LH pinkie cluster from a horn with a serial number just two digits away from the one featured on this webpage.

This horn comes with the attractive vintage case shown.

Pan American 60M Tenor Sax


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