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Below is transcribed the text from the Otto Link advertisement pictured at the bottom of this page.
It was so hard to read, I took pity on you and typed it out.

Really fine Mouthpieces are the result of long years of experience, great expense and much hard work. To produce Mouthpieces which will satisfy the most exacting professional year after year, means keeping in touch with those players all over the country -- talking to them personally -- solving their problems and giving them what they need. It also means that the manufacturer must always be alert to new means of improvement, as well as keen enough to devise the many little refinements, which combined, produce the really great Mouthpiece.


Speaking frankly, many "screw-ball" ideas, so-called, have been seen in Mouthpieces offered to players in the past few years -- various shaped tone chambers, some extremely small, others large, etc. -- all embellished to catch the fancy of the gullible, or to mislead those players who really have a Mouthpiece problem and are willing to try most anything to find a solution. These unorthodox Mouthpieces most often are made without real or scientific thought as to their effect on intonation, tonal quality throughout the entire register, or to the evenness of registers. The player should never forget that his Mouthpiece is a vital and mighty important part of his instrument -- and no matter how expensive his instrument may be -- it can be no better than the Mouthpiece he uses.


Each player, student or top-notch professional, has his own problem. When a man is sick, he goes to a doctor, not to another sick man to exchange symptoms or experiences. To solve your Mouthpiece troubles, go to a reliable dealer who treats each Mouthpiece customer with a view towards satisfying that player's particular requirements. Should this dealer find that his stock does not contain exactly the Mouthpiece to meet the player's need, he can obtain it without delay from our factory here in New York. The production of each "OTTO LINK" MOUTHPIECE is personally supervised by OTTO LINK himself and made according to his designs and specifications.


Each year many new (?) Mouthpieces blossom out overnight and fade just as quickly. Scores of such "makers" have cropped up and fallen by the wayside during the more than quarter century that OTTO LINK has been consistently and conscientiously serving the music trade. The really worthwhile Mouthpiece improvements develop slowly but surely, like the improvements on the instruments themselves.


In reviewing the many self-styled "manufacturers" who have come and gone, we note that most often he has been some fading musician who sought to capitalize on equally fading name, by lending it to some Mouthpiece which he himself did not actually make and which he could not make, because he had not the skill required or the mechanical facilities to do so. These musicians can never hope to acquire the technical mechanical skill which takes years to master. The OTTO LINK COMPANY employs skilled craftsmen who have been tutored in the art of Mouthpiece making by OTTO LINK personally for many years. Too, these workers are themselves players, and have a thorough knowledge of the instruments upon which these Mouthpieces are used. Our aim here is to make each man a real master of his art.


For his own protection, it may be well to here caution the prospective Mouthpiece buyer, to make sure that the Mouthpiece he buys is actually made by the person whose name it carries. It is a sign of the honesty and integrity of the maker. Let no one tell you that the Mouthpiece you buy is an "OTTO LINK" unless the name "OTTO LINK" is stamped INTO the Mouthpiece -- even when another name, such as the name of some outhstanding artist, may also be stamped thereon

Otto Link Advertisement


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