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Vandoren Optimum
AL3 Alto Sax Mouthpiece

The AL3 has a tip opening of 0.060", about the same as a Selmer C*
But it doesn't have that crazy square window in the throat.


If the big online discount vendors charge $109,
how can a 1-man shop like Doctor Sax Woodwinds charge only $75?

Canned verbiage:
"Vandoren Optimum Mouthpieces are designed to be free blowing and responsive. With precise intonation and accurate articulation in all ranges, Vandoren Optimum Saxophone Mouthpieces are ideal for the concert saxophonist. The Vandoren Optimum Mouthpiece is very versatile and well suited for the beginner to the professional saxophone player."

Tip, side rails and table in excellent condition.

Somebody asked me how do they buy a mouthpiece from Doctor Sax Woodwinds?

Well, there is more than one way, but the smoothest is to send me an pleasantly worded e-mail inquiring about the mouthpiece.
I'll reply, we'll come to an agreement and then I usually send you a PayPal invoice (price of mouthpiece plus shipping).
When you pay the invoice, I ship the mouthpiece.

Optimum AL3 Alto Sax Mpce.


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