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O'Brien OCB-3
Clarinet Mouthpiece

Not for Sale (belongs to a client)

The 'OCB' refers to 'The New Off-Center Bore'
Implication being there was something else prior to this.

The owner brought it in to be recorked.
I've always liked this mouthpiece from the first time I saw it.
Heck, I like the carboard and metal container.

The owner of the mouthpiece says:
"The shop was in a converted garage just across the White River [in Indianapolis] from where I grew up.
Only about a mile away as the crow flies, but 3 miles for me cuz I can't fly and had to cross a bridge.
It was in a white working class neighborhood in the floodplain, in my Middle and H.S. districts.
Yeah, the shop was a mess, as I remember it, hundreds of mouthpieces on workbenches collecting dust.
The guy, was old from what I can remember, but I don't know which O'Brien it was.
My clarinet teacher, Achille Rossi from Italy, played in the Indianapolis Symphony, used the O'Briens and many of his students did as well.
My best guess is that I got it 1973.

The following information was excerpted from: Clarinet Perfection:
(For more info, follow the link above to the website)

O'Brien originally made the Selmer Clarion crystal mouthpieces.

The O'Brien mouthpieces quality varied over the years.

Earlier mpcs the glass could be slightly darker, even slightly pink. On many of these models their would be a date etched on the glass. The original mpcs from the early 1940s, made by the Harry O'Brien, were less clear and had more air bubbles.

There was also a mold change in the 1950s as the original mold was broken. The older mold had 3 grooves on each side (6 total). The newer 1960's mold had 1 groove on each side.

OCB stood for "Off Center Bore". These models were popular with jazz and classical clarinetists during the 1950s through the 1980s. O'Brien is said to have put really good facings on his mouthpieces. In general it's thought that O'Brien has been underrated. The OB* was described as a "medium" and his most popular facing.

O'Brien Tip Openings
Identification Description Tip Opening
No. 1Very Short, Close-
No. 2 Medium French-
No. OB* Very Popular1.00 mm
No. 2*More Open Tip than OB*-
No. 3-1.16mm
No. 3*--
No. 4-1.19mm
No. 4*--
No. 5-1.25mm
No. 5*the most open-

This WEBSITE also has listing for O'Brien tip openings.

O'Brien OCB Clarinet Mpce.


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