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Noblet "Plateau" Clarinet

Serial Number 32933

Just finished refurbing/repadding Noblet Plateau-keyed Clarinet.
Instead of open "ring keys", all the keys on this clarinet are padded. But it is more than just adding padded keys...the key mechanisms are considerable more complicated than a normal clarinet. For instance, you can't just somehow add a pad to the thumb key...you've also got to add a spring dedicated to opening the thumb key.

In the photos below, plating wear to the keys is shown. But any photos where the keys look green, that is from the green backdrop.

I've got a lot more photos if someone is dying to see 'em, but I can scarcely countenance that.

These clarinets are a favorite with folks with small hands and with that subset of clarinet players who are woodworkers and who have lost various bits and pieces of their fingers.

Off to the Fete de Marquette shortly.

P.S. - This is posted for informational purposes only...not for sale...it was just in the shop for a refurb.

Noblet Plateau Clarinet


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