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Meyer Tenor Sax Mouthpiece
"4MM" - 0.071" Tip Opening, Medium Chamber, Medium Facing


These go for $92 on WWBW.

This is a high quality, hard rubber, tenor sax mouthpiece.
The tip opening, at 0.071 inches is rather small, which would imply it is for a novice, but it is a high quality, very well made mouthpiece. It has the typical Meyer rollover baffle just inside the tip, medium high floor, seamless transition from chamber into bore. Also, it has even, moderately thin rails.
I think the table is hand-lapped, but it might be machine-lapped. Not sure how to find out and less sure that it matters.

With a Med-Soft reed, it is easy to play and has a nice balance of depth of tone and projection.
And with a harder reed, the more experienced player can achieve full range of expression.

This particular mouthpiece, while used, is in top-notch condition.
The barest, most miniscule scratches on the beak, Tip and rails in excellent condition.

If now is not the time to buy a new sax for the Tyro in your life, consider getting them a quality mouthpiece.
After all, the player, reed and mouthpiece is where it all 'happens.' Plenty of time later to worry about that brass appendage hanging off the end of the mouthpiece.

Meyer 4M Tenor


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