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Meyer G-Series "7" 18M
Alto Sax Mouthpiece

"7" Tip Opening (I measure it at 0.078")

Inbetween a 'small' and 'medium' chamber, with a 'medium' facing.

Generally speaking, these play with a warmer sound quality than
the standard model, production Meyer alto mouthpieces.


The photos shown below are those of an earlier Meyer "G" 6.
The one I currently (May 2011) have in stock is a "G" 7. I measured the tip opening of the 6 as 0.076". I measure the tip opening of the 7 as 0.078".

The "G" may refer to Mr. Green, the designer of the mouthpiece.

The stock verbiage from the manufacturer's website says:
"Throughout jazz history, Meyer mouthpieces have produced some of the world's greatest alto sax sounds. Meyer G Series Mouthpieces take tradition a step further with chamber and tip openings that allow today's musicians to recreate the sounds made famous by saxophonists of the past,such as Paul Desmond. Conceived and developed in response to requests by professional musicians, free-blowing. Meyer G Series Mouthpieces produce warm, full sounds and can accommodate numerous playing styles."

Some quotes about the Meyer G-Series:

"The Meyer 'G' model is supposed to emulate a Gregory of the past...much like Paul Desmond, although, some others have played on that type of a mouthpiece and got more brightness."

"The G is a wonderful mouthpiece, giving me results I have not seen since the unfortunate demise of my own ancient Meyer 5. The Meyer Cole is also wonderful, with the same results of the G, only to me, slightly brighter. I am now using the G for my primary mouthpiece. The G and Cole both have great response, great "pop", middle D is in tune and projects well, and the palm keys are in tune! I heartily recommend either of these pieces to anyone searching for that Woods/Cole/Stitt/Quil ideal of alto sound!"

"The Meyer Cole and the Meyer G have gone back to the long roll-over baffle of the vintage years."

Meyer G "6" Alto Mpc.


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