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Martin HandCraft Committee I
Alto Saxophone
Skyline...Searchlights..."Mars Attacks"

Serial Number 115874 - 1935

SOLD - NOV. '09

This sax is freshly repadded with MusicMedic "Precision" pads, except I have put SaxGourmet 'Roo pads on the G# and the two octave keys.
All new corks and felts...fully regulated. Fast and snappy keyaction gives those pads the 'pop' you love to hear.
I fitted each key with an oversized flat metal resonator to get the largest resonator that would fit the tonehole.
This makes the sax very responsive to whatever is coming down the pipe from the mouthpiece.

The body is straight and in very good shape. Next to no dents or dings. Maybe the slightest flattening of the bowguard at the bottom.

This sax is very sophisticated for 1935. This is when the G# trills, forked Eb mechanisms and split bellkeys were disappearing.
One example of this sophistication is how the octave lever has a linkage that closes the "C" key at the top of the upper stack when you are playing the upper octave. Pictured HERE and HERE.

And most players agree that the lefthand thumbrest is perhaps the most comfortable ever made.

Serial Number - Look at where the serial number used to be: HERE and HERE.
I can only speculate, but I would bet that this sax was stolen at some point and some dastardly idiot ground off the serial number.
He couldn't have been too bright though...the serial number still appears on the NECK and the matching serial number is also imprinted on the underside of one of the keys!. Thus, I feel certain that "115874" is the serial number of the body and that it matches the neck.

And since the sax is almost 75 years old, it is impossible to tell when this might have happened.

This sax has no case. I am a bit leery about shipping it without a case, if it comes to that.
For an additional $85 I will include a brand new, hardshell, contoured flight case.
The sax fits snugly into the case. The two pictures at the bottom show the optional case.

Martin Alto - Handcraft Committee I


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