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Otto Link
Modern "Vintage"
"Slant Sig", ToneEdge
Eburnated Hard Rubber
Tenor Sax Mouthpiece

Effective May 5, 2010, I have the followings sizes in stock:
"6*" - 0.095"
"7" - 0.100"
"7*" - 0.105"
"8" - 0.110"

I am looking to get a "6" and "8*" in stock also.


This is a new Link "Vintage" Tone Edge mouthpiece.
Finally, you don't have to send your mouthpiece away to be 'perfected'.
This is a great-playing Link HR mpce. Whyncha come by and try it?

I stuck the bite patch on it for test-playing purposes.

I usually have some non-vintage Link ToneEdge Hard Rubber mouthpieces in stock which you can playtest alongside the "Vintage" pieces to see and hear the difference.

Here's a video of Jay Thomas espousing the modern Link "Vintage" ToneEdge hard rubber tenor mouthpieces. Of course, he's saying buy them from Tenor Madness. I say...shop around.

Link "Vintage" Tenor 8* HR Mpc.


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