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Francois Louis "Pure Brass"
Silver-plated Ligature for
HR Alto Sax Mouthpiece


Eighty Bucks for a ligature!
You've got to be kidding!

'Fraid not Alphonse...and you gotta admit...these Francois Louis ligs ARE really nice.
And you DO like nice things, right?

I believe these came out after the F.L. "Ultimate" ligature which maybe indicates it wasn't quite the ultimate ligature after all.
The Ultimate ligatures had a screw behind the reed plate to tighten things up, whereas these "PureBrass" ligatures have a screw on the opposite side, more like a Rovner.
There is also his "Basic" ligature, but why even waste our time talking about something so plebian?

I have just this one "PureBrass" ligature in stock and it is for HR Alto mpces.
I think I have one "Ultimate" tenor and one each tenor and alto "Basic", but I am too lazy to get up and look.

Theo Wanne sells reed pressure plates made from a variety of metals...gold, silver, titanium, heavy brass, stainless steel and, lest we forget "vintified". "Vintified"...sounds more like an adjective than a noun.
Only, yes only, $19.95 each, or a 4-pack for $44.95.

If that don't trip your trigger, I've got a pretty good selection of Rovners and a bunch of other stuff, including the lowly, nameless 2-screw ligature.
Oh yeah...I got in some of those really small Rovners....the ones that fit on Dukoff Metal Soprano Sax mouthpieces.

Francois Louis "PureBrass" Alto Lig


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