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LeBlanc Rationale
Tenor Sax

Serial number 542

SOLD to a very happy gentleman in Germany!

LeBlanc's flagship, made-in-Paris, tenor saxophone from the 1950's in beautiful condition.
Keyed to high F#.
Keywork is all solid; works smoothly and without excess play.
White kangaroo hide pads with the original LeBlanc screw-in over-size resonators.
There are no dents, no evidence of repairs or resolders.
Neck and bow are both in great shape.
This horn is substantially constructed and patently hand-crafted.
The G# key is on the back of the horn and it benefits from a custom clothing guard, cunningly crafted from a lyre.
Also included is an earlier (nice but overkill) custom guard.

In addition to normal fingerings, the LeBlanc System horns offer alternate fingerings.
In essence, pressing any of the lower stack keys brings the tone down a half step
This means that you can, for example, play an A, press a key on the lower stack and get an Ab.
It is easy to get used to and is very convenient and useful. The usual lefthand G# pinky key is also there.

The high F# resides as another lefthand palm key just down from the D, Eb, and F keys.

The tone of this horn is full, like an older Buffet, but with better intonation.

Included is a photocopy of adjustment instructions (5 out of 6 pages)
No sanding corks on this horn...the adjustment screws are all there.
Blue LocTite locktite blue to hold the positions rather than the little locknuts.

The fabric-covered case has every indication of being original to the horn and is in very good condition with both side and end handles.

This is a great, professional horn, as well as being a rare and beautiful collector's item.

LeBlanc Rationale Tenor


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