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Conn Connstellation Alto Sax

S/N 334xxx

The pictures are below. I know it is hard to get a sense of an instrument from pictures, but anybody involved in repair of saxes will probably be interested in spending some time looking at this horn. After you click on the thumbnail, you might have to click on the picture itself to get it full size. I had a devil of a time getting a photo of the engraving of 3 guys marching.

  This is a very nice, bare-brass Connstellation (Model 28M) Alto Sax

(Check out how this horn looks with a new, reproduction clear plastic keyguard.)

It is missing the distinctive keyguard, a generic nickel-plated keyguard has been installed over the bellkeys. In a way it is good it doesn't have the original keyguard...it makes it easier to see all the unique key mechanisms on this sax.

The curvilinear sculpting of the keys are a thing to behold, the side keys, the low C and D#, the octave mechanism with the double vent holes on the body...all of it is remarkable.

Not sure if you can make out the low C# mechanism. It stretches out all the way over to the bell, where the C# keyfoot is and then it links back across to the body where the C# tonehole is. Wow!

The F#/G#/Bb linkage and adjustments are unique.

The left-hand pinkie cluster is unique with the roller for the Bb way out there.

The upper and lower stack key feet have their own little adjustment stops...they're not just corked and hitting the body like most saxes.

And finally the neck octave is underneath the neck and hinges into the body to open.

Okay, it is a couple days since I created this page. I just now realized the bell brace is in the shape of a "C"...for Conn of course.

Connstellation 28M Alto Sax


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