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Conn 'New Wonder' Tenor Sax

S/N 246xxx (Customer horn)

The pictures are below. I started by using a red background, but decided it was easier to see the engraving without. There are multiple shots of the same thing with slight variations in lighting. It was easier to stick all the photos up rather than decide which ones I liked the best.

  This tenor could be either a 'New Wonder Series II'
or a 'New Wonder Transitional'

  Gold-plated, wonderful Art Deco engraving

  Rolled toneholes, nail-file G#

It's hard not to fall in love with this horn. A client brought it in for minor repair and it was easy to tell it was difficult for him to part with it for even a couple of days. You can see why.

It has a custom thumbrest and the pearl fingertouch was moved on one of the keys in the upper stack.

Look closely and you can see this sax has been played and played and played.

I think the serial number indicates it was made in 1931.

Conn New Wonder Tenor Sax


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