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Hadley Calliman

I had asked if anyone knew Hadley's equipment set up.
A 'Calimaniac' wrote in with the following reply:

"You had replied that you thought he played a Selmer SBA. Yes, he did, until a few years ago.
Now he's blowin' on a 13xxx Selmer Super Tenor, 1931, for the past 3 years.
He claims he has never sounded better!! You can check for yourself, he has a new CD on Origin Records in Seattle (released last month). Called "Straight Ahead".
He uses standard reeds...Rico Royal 2.5's and a Selmer Short Shank "D" hard rubber.

He also used the same horn for another recent CD "Gratitude" also on Origin. Although, he used a "Woodwind" hard rubber for that CD.
Both CD's are great."

In the pictures on this webpage I am assuming that it is the 1931 Selmer he is playing.
Most of the pictures look like he is using the Selmer Scrollshank.
But the mouthpiece in the first picture looks different.
I thought it might be a metal mpce in that first picture, but it is hard to tell.

Hadley Calliman


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