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C-Melody Saxophone

Serial Number 21618
Lars Kirmser's Buffet serial number list would place it around 1938?

This horn is not particularly for sale.

Of note...the low D has a double key allowing that tonehole to be fully closed or partially closed. Right now I assume it would alternate between D and D#.

Also note the 'fingers' that wrap around over the lower stack keys. I think this allowed the LH pinkie keys to close the lower stack when playing the the low C#, low B and Bb. Maybe that'd free up the right hand to turn the pages of sheet music (just kidding).

It does have an octave mechanism that automatically switches as the player goes from G to A.
One post has fallen off, so part of the octave mechanism is off the horn, but the pieces are there, so it can be restored.

E-S Buffet C-Melody


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