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Dukoff Super Power Chamber
Tenor Sax Mouthpiece

I measure the tip opening at 0.105"


These cost about $170-175 new.

This is good-looking, easy-playing mouthpiece with a great 'meaty' sound.
It will become your able-bodied assistant and boon companion if you are looking to wail.
Not sure what sort of mouthpiece Illinois Jacquet used, but if you are looking for that sort of sound....

Some ligature scratches on the back.
Some wear to the bite plate.
Very slight ding to the corner of the tip rail. In the photo it is on the corner furthest away from you and is very diffcult to see. I can take another photo if you want (sigh). It plays and seals well.

I believe the rails, facing and baffle are unaltered.
There is nothing stamped on the shank. Usually you'd look to see "Dukoff" and "Super Power Chamber" and the facing, something like "D7".
On this one...there is nothing. Weird.
I assume it is a Dukoff
It came to me in a Dukoff box and the baffle looks like a Super Power Chamber to me, so that is what I am calling it.
And I measure the tip opening to be 0.105, so I am calling it a "D7".

Dukoff Tenor 0.105" Tip Opening


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