Doctor Sax Inventory

Updated , Nov 11, 2013

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Alto Saxes

Tenor Saxes

Manufacturer Model Price

Manufacturer Model Price

Other Models

Italian? Ambassador $515

Buffet (Taiwan) Evette $395

Selmer Signet $450

Holton Model 232 $523

Schenklaars Concord Artist (Keilwerth) $650

Malerne Acme Artist $523

LeBlanc (Beaugnier) French Vito $1,500

Vito Kenosha V-Series $595

P. Mauriat PMXT-66RCL M.A.P.

Vito Kenosha $661

Selmer Serie II $2,995

Buffet "100" $750

Martin "The Martin" - Comm III $900

LeBlanc/Vito Model 35/Rationale System $900

Dolnet Jean Cartier $1,100

SML Rev. C $1,450

P. Mauriat PMXA-67RCL M.A.P.

Selmer Super Balanced Action $2,995

Baritone Saxes

Manufacturer Model Price

Buescher 400 $1,050

Manufacturer Model Price

Zonda New $250

Soprano Saxes

Manufacturer Model Price

Venus Curved Soprano out of stk

Manufacturer Model Price

Venus Eb Soprano – New $195

Conn Straight Soprano $1,150

Zonda Plastic – New $297

Yanagisawa 902 $1,750

Selmer 9* - Full Boehm $1,450

Bass Clarinet
C-Melody Saxes

Manufacturer Model Price

Manufacturer Model Price

Conn New Wonder Series I $600

Leblanc "LL" $2500 OBO

Conn New Wonder Series I sold

Generally speaking, these horns are sold just the horn (body and neck) and a case.

No mouthpieces, neckstraps, or other accessories.

Unless otherwise specified, horns have a one-week trial period.

Shipping costs are not included in the listed price. Shipping costs are nonrefundable

M.A.P. = “Minimum Advertised Price” → Call for Pricing