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Antoine Courtois Alto

Serial Number 6859

No pictures, but the owner says:

"It has the same moth and flower engraving as the horn in your pictures.
Possibly a slight variation on the foliage, but very minor if so.
All the identifying markings are the same other than that my serial no. is 6859.
There is however an additional mark on my horn.
At the base of the bell it is marked: Sole American Importers LEBLANC - U.S.A.

I don't know anything about saxophones but near as I can tell, your horn has a key that mine doesn't have.

I have the original receipt. It was purchased in San Francisco on August 8, 1953.
From the receipt: Description: Prof. Artist saxophone in Eb complete with carrying case
Model No: 2836 Serial No: 6859 Price: $320.00 Sales Tax: $11.20 Total Price: $331.20.

My case is leather, zippered, with a small metal plaque marked Selmer Reg. U.S. Pat. Off."

Antoine Courtois Alto Sax


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