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Buffet Model 13
Bb Clarinet


A 1947 (SN 277XX on both joints) Buffet Model 13 clarinet with 100% silver plate, excellent wood with no cracks present (or ever repaired), a mechanism which is in perfect working order (no looseness or play, no binding, well regulated), near new pads (no yellowing or other early signs of aging), in perfect playing condition with no adjustments whatsoever needed.
The pad/regulation work was done a couple of years back at Wichita Band- a very good shop for woodwinds work. See the pictures below for the cosmetic condition.
Click HERE to see several other Model 13's that Wichita Band has for sale....generally in the $1500 to $2000 range.

This instrument was produced in what is generally regarded as the "Golden Age" for Buffet production and shows it with a rich full tone color and superb materials and craftmanship.

This is a Modele 13 as listed in the old Buffet catalog. Robert Carree refined the design in the early 1950's and created what is now known as the R-13. Some prefer the more fluid feel of the earlier design- others the more resistant R-13. Both are fine instruments.

The case (a Buffet case with the "Sweetest Clarinet Ever Made" banner in the corner) is in near perfect condition.

An opportunity to acquire a real classic capable of holding its own in any company... and then some.

I just attached a picture of the A/Ab posts.
That is the only exterior difference that I can see twixt the Model 13 and the R-13.
The R-13 uses a total of four posts whereas the Model 13 has a total of 3 posts...sharing a post between the two keys.

Jan. 17 - A couple of clarinet afficionados testplayed the Model 13 today.
They had nothing but praise for it, saying it has a "focused, sweet tone" and that is is "pristine" condition.

Buffet Model 13


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