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Buescher 400
Top Hat and Cane
Tenor Sax

Serial Number 297390

SOLD - MAY '09

Sold to a gentleman in New Zealand.
He bought it and paid me to refurb/repad it.

This is his followup message:

"You did a great job of accurately depicting it in the photographs you displayed, lovely workmanship in the repair and set up and thanks to the careful packing you did it arrived halfway round the world as it left your shop and ready to play. You are obviously a man of great integrity , a skilled artisan and an ethical business man."

These Top Hat and Cane tenors are among the best tenors out there and they are highly prized.

While this tenor does play as is, it could use some work.

It has all the original snap-in resonators. All but two of the springs look to be the original Norton gold-plated screw-in springs. There are two replacement springs that are blue steel...they're also screw-in springs, just not gold-plated like the originals.
It has the silver-colored (nickel-plated?) tonering under the bell rim and the applique "Buescher 400" on the bell amidst the wonderful engraving.

The owner of this consignment paid to have the neck restored and that turned out really nice.
As you can see it has the unique underslung octave key.
You can see it was pulled down, but the interior bore and geometry has been restored.
The owner really doesn't want to sink any more money into it.

The horn is a relacquer, a nice one, but a relacquer nonetheless.

When it comes right down to it, a full repad would ultimately be the most cost-effective way of getting this horn to play and sound like the professional instrument that it is.

Right now the keyaction is pretty loose and not all pads are sealing 100%. But, like I said, it does play from top to bottom.

Jan. 6th - I just did some work on the bellkeys and G#. The bellkeys were opening way too high and the G# wasn't closing 'snappily'. I just couldn't stand it, so I spent time bringing them into adjustment. It feels loads better now, but the keyaction in general is still pretty sloppy. Since I am not getting paid to do this work, I am calling it quits for now. At least until I find something else that bugs me enough to motivate me.

I really want to overhaul this horn and bring release the 'inner beauty' that I know is lurking under the surface.
I will consequently give a $200 discount off the purchase price to anyone who buys the horn and has me refurbish it.
I really don't want you to take halfway measures when I know you'd get the best results by having the horn totally gone over...every pad and cork and felt replaced, key height openings set properly, keyaction made fast and snappy, etc. etc.
But you are welcome to buy the horn as is and work with your local tech.
If you are local, please stop by and take a test drive and see what you think.

Buescher 400 TH&C Tenor


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