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Arnold Brilhart Ligature
for Alto Saxophone


Brilhart 3-band ligature with the "A" / "B" thumbscrew heads.
The ones with two "B" thumbscrews are silly. What does that stand for? Bob Brilhart? No, it ought to be Arnold Brilhart, get it?

This has the metal reed plate instead of the breakable plastic plate. With the plastic reed plate, all too often the metal bands get deformed or break or pop out of the plastic reed plate...they don't go all the way through like they do on this ligature with the metal plate.
Here's the chance to own a nice metal one, with the A/B screwheads.
It is most assuredly what we call "used". It very plainly has usage wear as you can see in the photos.

I did not clean it up...just presenting it in all its "as-found" glory.
Not exactly sure why you would want it cleaned up. It looks very respectable to me.

Some info on Bassic-Sax Blog.
And there is a mention on Wanne's website...down at the bottom of the page.

Arnold Brilhart A/B 3-Band Ligature


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