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Arnold Brilhart Level-Aire
Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece
5* Facing (.095")

No longer available

Duckbill tip, high step baffle.
This is a LevelAire mouthpiece.
It isn't marked as such, but on the mouthpiece it does say: "DESIGNED by ARNOLD BRILHART"
Marked also with Serial Number 082576 and with 5*

Some minor wear to the bite plate.

The ligature is a hybrid Rovner/Link affair. You can tighten up the leatherlike fabric part of the lig and then use the large knurled knob to increase pressure on the reed. The lig reed plate has a silicone coating.
It works better than the cheesy original ligature. Custom-adapted cap.

This is a great-playing bari mouthpiece...really brings out the best in a bari...the lows and the highs.

Brilhart 5* Bari Mpce.


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