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Blessing BAS-2020
Alto Sax

Serial number - 0711 1334145


This is a brand new alto saxophone.
All the modern ergonomics and conveniences:
-Keyed to high F#
- Tilting left-hand pinkie spatula keys,
- Low B to low C# articulation.

HERE is a history of the Blessing company.

I got it inexpensively and am thus able to price it as shown above.
I Googled up one for sale at Cascio Interstate at $999
And one on Amazon, also for $999
Breaks my heart to undersell the big online guys (not!).

While I assume it is made in Asia...it is unmarked as to country of origin (there ought to be law).
These horns are all about quality control or the lack of it.
This one is well-made with excellent fit and finish.
Despite that, I had to tweak the horn.
I worked on the neck cork...it was too large to push the mouthpiece on far enough to play in tune.
Also had to replace one of the lefthand palm key pads because the leather was split.
And replaced one of the foot corks on the lower stack keys.
And finally, I regulated the horn. "Regulated"? What's that mean? Well, you know how when you press just one finger down sometimes two or three or more keys close? Well, all those keys have to close at the same time. If one closes before the rest, it props the others open unless you really mash down on the keys. And if you are trying to play with any speed, you want to be able to use a light touch. So, yeah, I regulated the keys. Plays well and easily.

It is lacquered polished brass with little ornamentation.
As you can probably tell from my website, my tastes run towards vintage horns, but this horn has shown some cosmetic restraint.
They haven't stuck on blue abalone fingertouches or semi-precious geegaws in the hopes of attracting the unwary.
Only the word "Blessing" has been engraved tastefully on the bell.
Some horns have black lacquer or an faux antique finish which, after a year or two of wear, starts looking real tatty if not downright junky. Give me a plain lacquered brass horn anyday...it will be better looking after a couple of years than the priciest horn with an elaborate finish with wear marks and scratches.

Comes with the case shown which has a nice little flap that covers the neck so it won't bang against the body.
Also comes with mouthpiece, ligature, cap, neckstrap, neckplug cork grease, polishing cloth and a single Rico reed.

Blessing BAS-2020 Alto Sax


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