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"F. Schmidt" B&S Alto Sax

Made in Germany by B&S...the same people who made the 'Chicago Jazz' and Guardala saxes.
Unfortunately, B&S stopped making saxes the beginning of 2006 and while the horns grow in popularity, their limited output becomes more sought after.

This is a modern, next-to-new horn with high F# key, silver-plated neck and adjustable thumbhook.

A solid, well-built horn, the key layout is very good, and the fit & finish is also high quality.

I've had to do some homework on German-made saxes. B&S apparently made 3 major lines of horns...the student line '600' series horns; the intermediate '1000' series and finally, their professional line, the '2001' series.
I think their 'Medusa' and 'Chicago Jazz' were of the '2001' series.

The best I can determine, this Schmidt-branded B&S stencil is from the '1000' series intermediate horns.
It also appears that all the horns rolled off the same production line. There were not seperate production runs (of lesser quality) for horns destined to be stencils.
Try checking Sax On The Web for more information about B&S saxes.

In addition to being engraved "F. Schmidt", it also says "Model Nr S526" and has a serial number of 0081xx.
The "B&S" logo appears on the pant guard and the F# guard.
Oh yeah, it also says "Made in Germany".

This horn has a silver-plated neck. The neck is marked with a "2". I haven't found anything definitive as to the meaning of this "2".

The sax comes with a great Pro-Tec case that fits it like a glove. It provides great protection for the sax, but it is light in weight.

SOLD - 2008

With a hot mouthpiece like a Bobby Dukoff or a Jumbo Java, this horn will be incendiary!

Schmidt B&S Alto Sax


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