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B&S Series 2001 - IV
Alto Saxophone

Made in Germany
Serial Number - 012660 (2001?)

SOLD - JUNE 2008

Horns with similar serial numbers were made around 2001
The neck is marked with the number "2".

Some of the features of this horn:
- Keyed to High F#
- The body octave pip is 'rifled' in the inside to improve venting.
- G# lifter mechanism to lift the G# key in the event it sticks.
- F to F# linkage on the lower stack.
- Articulated low C#
- Tilting spatula on the LH pinkie plateau
- Adjustable thumbhook

Made in Germany by B&S...the same people who made the 'Chicago Jazz' and Guardala saxes.
Unfortunately, B&S stopped making saxes the beginning of 2006 and while the horns grow in popularity, their limited output becomes more sought after.

This is a modern, next-to-new horn It is a clean, solid, well-built horn with little wear. There are some light scratches to the lacquer on left-side of the bell, by the engraving and even less so, just above the bow, lower down on the leftside of the body. There is also a minor ding on the neck, near the octave vent which likewise hard to see in the photos.
The key layout is very good. The fit & finish is high quality.
The pads seal well and are in excellent condition.

B&S apparently made 3 major lines of horns...the student line '600' series horns; the intermediate '1000' series and finally, their professional line, the '2001' series.
I think their 'Medusa' and 'Chicago Jazz' were of the '2001' series.

This horn comes with the pictured ProTec bag as shown.

B&S 2001 Alto Sax


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