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BARI "Hybrid"
Tenor Sax Mouthpiece

Whether you click the link for the BARI "8" Hybrid
or the BARI "7*" Hybrid,
they both take you here.

"7*" facing - 0.105 inches
"8" facing - 0.110 inches

7* (New) - SOLD
8 "Vintage" (New) - Matte finish - $135

NOTE: Below are pictures of a non-vintage finish Hybrid 8.
That was sold and now (March 2010) I have a "Vintage" Hybrid 8 in stock.
The 'Vintage' Hybrid is the same except the brass has a matte finish.
Pictures are pending.

- The "Hybrid" is a very good-looking mouthpiece.
- The shank is very heavy and has a jewelry-grade finish. It puts me in mind of something I read about "mass-loading" the end of the sax neck. It said: "...more mass in the neck ring [improves] top-end response and evenness of timbre throughout the saxophone. "
I would think the design of the "Hybrid" would accomplish the same thing.
-The mating of the metal and the hard rubber is very well done.
You can see in picture 16 where the metal shank joins the hard rubber chamber. If you expand the photograph you can see the seam -The finish-work is high quality.
-The wooden box it came in is a very nice touch.

The facing, rails and chamber look very nicely done.
The baffle is subtly complex...not extremely high nor low.
A medium chamber mouthpiece where the throat is an oval passage into the bore of the shank.
All-in-all it produces a balanced tone across the spectrum.

I think they no longer come in the wooden box.

BARI "Hybrid" #8 Mpce.


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