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Alto or Tenor Sax?

How do you tell the difference between an Alto Sax and a Tenor sax?
The pictures below and length of the sax should do the trick.

The only wild card is the "C-Melody" or "C Tenor" sax.
The C-Melody can have a neck that looks like either a straight alto neck or a curved tenor neck.
If the sax measures about 24 inches from the neck socket (neck removed) to the bottom of the bottommost 'elbow', it is a C-Melody.



Above is an Alto...it has a (comparatively) straight neck.
If you remove the neck and measure the body in a straight line from top of neck socket
to the bottom of bottommost 'elbow', it is approximately 22 inches.



Above is a Tenor...you can see it has a curved 'gooseneck'.
With the neck removed, the measurement from neck socket to bottom of bow is approx. 29 inches

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