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Buescher 400 Special Clarinet

Serial Number 129951

All new pads.

SOLD - Sorry this is no longer available.

I don't know...made in the 1960's?
If you are researching '400 Specials' and find anything out, please let me know.

I've heard really good things about the 400 Special clarinets, that's I bought this one on eBay...I'd never worked on one nor heard one.
The wood is very nice and the fit and finish of the hardware (keys, posts, etc.) is very nice.

The seller had it described as a '400 Special' and I bid on it accordingly.
Later on, I saw someone else ask if it was made of wood and the seller said no. Yikes!
I figured it was my own fault for assuming that '400 Specials' were always wood.
I ended up winning the auction and when I received the clarinet, it turned out it was wood after all.
The seller wasn't able to tell the difference between wood and non-wood (plastic, ebonite, etc.)

The only flaw I noticed in the wood is on the bell, by the metal ring, there is a little bit of lighter colored wood.

I really like the way it sounds...dark, woody, clear....
But tell you what. I'll get a for real clarinet player in and see what he thinks. Stay tuned.

Buescher 400 Special Clarinet


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