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Buescher "400"
Alto Saxophone

Serial Number 409506

SOLD! Sept. 09

This Buescher 400 alto is serial number 409506 which puts it shortly after the Selmer buyout.
It's an early Series three horns from the 60ís, but before cheaper Series 4 and the still cheaper Bund equivalent generic 400ís.

Bellkeys on the player's lefthand side.

Underslung neck with dentwork evident. Still some ripples, but the geometry is there as evinced by the good condition and smooth curve of the neck brace on top of the neck. Lots of pictures below.

Amber rollers.
Very nice engraving, nickle-plated keys, great left-hand thumbrest, great-looking bell-key guard.

Lacquer blemishes on bottom of bow and around the low D#. This is not particularly visible while playing the horn. Some sort of property ID number engraving in a non-conspicuous place along the spine or brace at the bottom of the bow. Lots of pictures below.

Norton screw-in springs and and snapon pads...snaps all there...
new pads, corks and felts.
New pads are backed with glue before snapping in, as opposed to just loose fit and snapped in.

JunkDude has a couple with write-ups:
Here's One.
Here's Another.

And here's info on SaxPics:

Plays really well - great tone.

Case is in nice, clean condition. It is lightweight and comes with a shoulder strap.

Buescher 400 Alto


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